Meet Deana

My life-long passion for gardening and healthy living began as a young girl in a farming community in Northern Michigan. Seems like I have always been growing something or other, even if it was just a few rose bushes outside my tiny apartment. After personally experiencing the powerful healing of organic foods and sustainable living, It is my pleasure and passion to share what I know and continue to learn with others.

A retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, I’ve experienced a wide variety of living situations and growing climates. That understanding, coupled with my huge addiction to plants and life-long learning inspires me to help others grow healthy food in a sustainable and earth-friendly way.

I work part-time as a gardener at Food and Thought Organic General Store and Café’ in Naples, FL. I care for our plants, help our wonderful customers, and host classes about gardening. I also offer classes in Deana’s Garden about sustainable living, organic and square foot gardening methods, using herbs and essential oils, and home making.

Shawn, me, and our pup Lucy live in Naples FL where I maintain our gardens and an ever growing food forest. Our current big project is a chicken coop and run….I can’t wait for those chickens!! I like to be involved with a variety of local groups that focus on gardening, edible and medicinal landscapes, healthy living, self-sufficiency, and natural healing.

That life-long learning passion has actually resulted in an Associate’s Degree in Management Information Systems, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and a Master’s Degree in Education. I also hold the following certifications: US Navy Career Counselor, Recruiter, Classifier, Peripheral Systems Operator, Administrative Professional, and Information Systems Administrator, Microsoft Professional, Square Foot Gardening Instructor, Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association (FNGLA) Horticulture Professional, and Natural-Organic Gardener by Texas Organic Research Center.