Deana’s Calendar

In our climate, there are three growing seasons (12 months a year). Season one essentially begins in September and ends early January. Season two begins the end of January through early May. And season three begins mid-May through August.

I often start my cold weather plant seeds for season one in protected environments (in-doors and some outside shelter) in July. Growing lights are optimum for this process.

During the summer season (season three), I grow cover crops in the season one and two planting areas and grow tropical vegetable plants. Some tropicals that grow well during season three are Okinawa spinach, Ethiopian kale and spinach, cranberry hibiscus, pigeon pea (almost like a small tree), calabazza (like a pumpkin squash), luffa squash, okra, eggplant, hot peppers, moringa (tree), and katuk (tree). More varieties can be found at ECHO in Ft Myers.

Here are some links to SWFL planting guides I use in combination

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