Gardening by the Light of the Moon

Over the years when people ask me about what my gardening schedule is, I’ve provided some references but never really found one place I could depend on for a nice, easy to follow, and simple guide.moon While there are some great references to use for specifics like the Florida IFAS gardening guide, I wanted something more general and that I could use with vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, ornamentals, etc.

In my experience, working with nature always produces better results. For example, if I work on the soil health instead of spending time spraying for pests, the plants will be healthy and the pests less likely to attack. I’ve attempted to follow the gardening practices based on the moon’s phases over the years because I believe that practice is wise. I’ve purchased various calenders to help me follow the moon cycles but none were very specific. This year, I found the one I like best!

During one of my favorite Podcasts, Gardening Naturally, John (the show host) interviewed an expert on this topic who recently published the calendar I’ve been looking for!! Pam Ciampi’s “Gardening by the Light of the Moon” 2014 calendar is available at Amazon. While the calendar is not tailored to our specific climate or specific plant types, it is perfect in my opinion because it offers a general overview of how we might follow the age old practices of gardening in sync with the moon cycles. There’s nothing complicated about this guide and I find it very useful.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results! I do realize we don’t always find the time to follow such guides, and I don’t believe our plants will wither an die if we don’t, but perhaps this guide will help us work more in sync with nature to grow healthier and happier plants! Happy Gardening!