My life-long passion for gardening and healthy living have led me to share my experiences with you in hopes that we will all enjoy abundant success from our efforts, make healthier life choices, and ultimately build a more self-sufficient community. It pleases me greatly to provide any assistance I can to share the earth’s magnificent gifts of food, beauty, and good health!

Gardening and home making are enjoyable activities as well as solutions to our present economic challenges. Growing in Southwest Florida can be challenging and is certainly unique. Discovering the plants that thrive in our climate is most certainly a joy! Most of the material available in print or online seems to be focused on gardening in cooler climates.  Here, you’ll be able to read and share practices that are specific to our region and also learn some techniques about how to enjoy cooler weather plants through seasonal care and alternative growing methods.

I also like to share services and products I find beneficial to health and wellness; you’ll find those along with gardening resources at “Deana’s Favorite Resources” on the site menu.

What could be better for health than herbs? Now distill them and increase their effectiveness as an essential oil. I love using essential oils in daily life for gardening, cleaning, health, dental care, pet wellness, cooking, baking, and detoxing our bodies and environment. To learn more, follow the Young Living Links on the menu to the right.

Please feel free to interact with this site and share your wisdom with our fellow gardeners!